• Reconfiguration Continues (Part II)
    Lots of little things have been happening and I am still deciding if I want/like the new network split as I have added a VLAN for the Internet services to take them off our primary LAN. But, I have configured the servers to be dual hosted on both the LAN and Internet VLAN so have … Read more
  • Reconfiguration Progresses
    Well it has been a few weeks since I decided to completely revamp most of our home network and FreeBSD server. The progress to date has been good and there were some detours along the way…. Task Status Ubiquiti ER4 (replace ER5 POE) Done SPF Fiber from ER4 to 24 Port Switch Done Firewall rewrite … Read more
  • Re-configuring Our Network/VMs
    I have waffled back and forth for the past few months and finally made the decision to completely refactor our home network. I will be replacing the existing Ubiquiti Edgerouter POE-5 with a more modern Edgerouter 4 and connecting the ER4 to EdgeSwitch 24 via a SFP (fiber cable; just because). I plan to keep … Read more
  • Cannon School Photo Gallery
    The photo galleries are (kind of) back! Since many students have graduated I no longer have an eMail address to reach them regarding the issues. Therefore I am sharing the following generic link for the Cannon School Photo Gallery (Sports, Orchestra, EF Tours, etc) for those who are still interested. https://cloud.kingsquarry.net:8443/nextcloud/index.php/s/38APk7eyAvWHHus Please let me know … Read more
  • Cloud Galleries Lost, Photos Safe!
    My apologies but the gallery you are attempting to access has been lost. The thousands of photos themselves are safe. Please see the following post regarding Cannon School: https://www.kingsquarry.net/index.php/2020/03/15/cannon-school-photo-gallery/ We use NextCloud to host our private family cloud locally on our own server and I was not aware they removed the Gallery app with the … Read more