You’ve reached the Doolittle/Osburn family web site for Jeff, JoEllen, and Joshua. For a few friends and family this site will hopefully be a destination to stay in contact. But, we understand for most it will be a bunch of worthless yet maybe for a moment interesting web pages. We’re happy you’ve found our little space on the internet and invite you to look around.


First and foremost, let me explain the domain name. When we originally were attempting to select a domain name in 1999 we were unable to find a single word we liked which was available. So we decided to be a little creative and used two words; one from JoEllen’s favorite authors and one from a place: Stephen King and Quarry Farm (aka; Mark Twain’s home in Elmira, New York). The ‘s’ was added between both words simply to have it sound better when said aloud. You might guess, and rightfully so, JoEllen loves reading (King, Twain, and many, many others) and we have quite a few Stephen King and Mark Twain items around the house.

We’ve had a few family/personal web sites in the past (CompuServe, GeoCities, Plone, Joomla, etc.) but KingsQuarry has been our domain name and hosted our family web site in various forms since 1999. The domain has servered primarily as our eMail domain for easily the last decade wile the website was ignored but the hope now (early 2020) is to see this change.